Massage therapist Amelia Wilcox has suffered from chronic headaches since childhood, and found massage to be the only source of relief. After eight years of working with athletes, car accident victims, and chronic headache sufferers, “I wanted to bring the benefits of massage to more people than I could reach with my own two hands,” she recalls. “What better way to bring massage to people at work?”

She started Incorporate Massage to provide onsite corporate and event massage programs in Utah, Idaho, California, and Texas. By bringing massage to the workplace, Incorporate Massage makes massage more accessible and convenient.

Wilcox and her growing team work remotely, fostering a flexible and family-friendly company culture.

My successes. 

Incorporate Massage has doubled or tripled its revenue every year since Wilcox started working with SCORE. “We have gone to 16 employees to 32 in the last five months,” she says, and has launched in nine new cities in 2015. Wilcox received the 2015 SCORE Awards Outstanding Woman-Owned Small Business Award. 

How SCORE helped. 

“SCORE has helped me to recognize the value of our services and price them accordingly, becoming much more profitable,” Wilcox says. Her mentors have helped her refine her marketing messages and target demographics.

Wilcox communicates with her SCORE mentors primarily by email and phone to discuss her questions, but they also meet quarterly to “assess the current state of the company, areas of concern, and opportunities for growth.” Working with mentors has helped Wilcox recognize her competitive advantages as woman in business and capitalize on those advantages.

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