Generation Z spends more time researching products than any other generation. 65% of these young people aged 10-22 research product origins before purchasing. They try to find answers to questions about where the product was made, what it is made of, and the process of making it. When products have sustainable practice behind them, and brands are clear of any controversies, Generation Z is more likely to support them.

Gen Z is reported to prefer products that promote sustainable and ethical business practices, are affordable, and have overall shared principles. Generation Z is the most diverse generation so far, with 20% identifying as LGBTQ+ and 48% being non-white. This means that any brands that are overly macho, racist, or homophobic are not going to recieve support from the majority of the new generation that is entering the market. 

It is expected that Gen Z is going to exceed the earnings of Millennials in the next decade. With this new generation expected to have such a large influence on the market, it is important to understand how they choose which brands and products to support. Gen Z wants to buy from brands they trust, and that are free from any sort of scandals or poor business practices. To learn more about how Gen Z decides which brands they want to support, take a look at the infographic below:

How Gen Z Relates To Brands and How it Will Disrupt Global Markets

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Brand Values Drive Gen Z Purchases